Labeling Systems International

Labeling systems are used for a variety of applications. From on-site label printing and trays to roll-off label printing and trays, provide high-quality labeling solutions customized for the industry. Whether you need a fully integrated solution with on-site label printing, or you prefer to work as an independent Labeling Design Service Provider, Labeling Systems International has the solution for you. Labeling Systems International is a privately owned company in Australia which offers a full range of labeling products and services. Read more great facts on CTM Labeling Systems, click here.

Labeling Systems International uses modern laser technology coupled with state-of-the-art computer software to create quality labels. The technology allows for high-quality, professional-looking labels that stand up to harsh cleaning and UV light. The company’s labeling machines and paper stock are printed with archival inks that resist fading and pore-resistant. The archival ink assures longevity and quality, and guarantees that the labels will stand up to the test of time. Labeling Systems offers a full range of labeling machines and paper stocks, including paper trays, roll labels, and label printers. The company’s most popular paper stock is polyester-based; however, they also offer 100% cotton stocks for printers and paper trays. For more useful reference regarding CTM, have a peek here.

For more convenient handling of paper and label stocks, Labeling Systems International uses its label applicator technology. The label applicator attaches to the back of any machine, including printing equipment, and rolls out labels quickly and easily. An applicator has two speeds, with a choice of pre-determined spacing. When the speed is set to one that is easily manipulated, the applicator automatically adjusts the size of the circles to the spaces available on the label, thus reducing manual labor and eliminating wasted time. Label applicators are available from several manufacturers, and Labeling Systems International offers a variety of applicator sizes, including extra large, extra small, standard, and compact.

Labeling Systems International also offers an extensive line of desktop label printers. These models are ideal for every product type and for every location, since they can be loaded right into any desktop printer. Many desktop label printers use laser technology, which is ideal for every product type and for every location. Some models require that cartridges are replaced periodically, but most are quite low maintenance. Desktop labeling systems provide outstanding results and are designed to withstand heavy use and long-term service.

As one of the premier labels distributors in the industry, Labeling Systems International designs and manufactures labeling machines for all types of application. They are particularly well suited to the high volume production of medical, dental, food service, and distribution products. The company is proud to partner with a wide variety of clients in every industry to ensure that their labeling needs are met in full accordance with industry standards. They offer fast delivery on every order, a toll free customer support line, and generous return policies to prove their commitment to quality and service.

The Labeling Systems International warranty ensures that they stand behind every product they sell. There are even options for color-coding products according to their different classifications. The label machines offered by Labeling Systems International are easy to operate and are perfect for short-run labeling needs. This company is proud to work with their clients on all aspects of labeling processes to ensure that every product reaches its proper place of use and is ready for its ultimate journey. Clients rely on Labeling Systems International for quick and efficient product labeling. Clients trust the Labeling Systems International technicians with their labeling machines and expect results that exceed their expectations. Please view this site for further details.

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